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We’re looking for partners to twist America’s tastebuds.

Why Kürtős Inc?

  • Unique/one of a kind product
  • Fun & Tradition combined
  • Simple operation
  • Close partnership

Founded in 2015 in Sarasota, Kürtős Chimney Cake Inc. is a family business that prides itself in specializing baking an all-natural, uniquely shaped hand-crafted pastry that originates from Hungary with a 300-year-old recipe.

As chimney cakes have quickly become a staple at local farmers markets in the greater Sarasota area, in 2017 Kürtős Chimney Cake Inc. has expanded and is ready to spread the love of this delicious dessert across the nation.

Kürtős Chimney Cake, Inc. is delighted to introduce this Hungarian specialty in the United States where people love and appreciate tasty and healthy artisan food. They have a lucrative franchise opportunity with a widely popular and unique product, a huge upside for growth and a great potential for profit.


Owning a Kürtős Chimney Cake business provides you with the opportunity to partner with a highly successful team of experts who have already mastered this scrumptious Hungarian treat. They not only know how to make the business profitable, but they have fun doing it.

You will work directly with ownership and learn how to run your own Kürtős Chimney Cake franchise. We have geared our company to provide you with knowledge, support, and training that will allow you to effectively meet and surpass any consumer expectations, as well as your financial goals.


In the crowded dessert and pastry industry, Kürtős Chimney Cake stands out for its unique concept. Its loyal customers are proof of their success. If you are looking for a rapidly growing business that can be started at a low cost with little overhead then Kürtős Chimney Cake is right for you.


Kürtős Chimney Cake offers a fully immersive and hands on training program in order to ensure that each franchise is 100% outfitted with the knowledge, skills and expertise to be successful. The multi-faceted training program includes hours of hands on training at an established location in addition to many hours of support at your newly established location.


There are two types of franchises offered with Kurtos chimney Cake.  You may choose to operate your own kiosk in a mall with a protected territory being the boundaries of the mall or to become a mobile vendor, selling products in various events including local farmers’ markets.  This mobile vendor model includes a protected territory of 500,000 general population.

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