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How do YOU get twisted?

Throw a party

From sweet to savory to spicy, Kürtős Cakes are made for every tastebuds.

Twisting off a bit of Kürtős is fun, delicious, and perfectly shareable. Each chimney cake offers its own tasty experience and can pair with so many dips and sauces.

Kurtos Variety Savory and Sweet Cakes

Ice Cream Chimney Cones

Fill our cone shaped chimney cake with ice-cream or whipped frosting and top it with your favorite fruits.

Our friends at The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota featured our cone shaped chimney cakes on their dessert menu. Order your Kürtős chimney cones today and stuff it with your favorite filling.

Sweet Filled Kurtos Chimney Cake

Lunch/Dinner Chimney Cakes

Quinoa with vegetables, tzatziki-cucumber salad, chickpeas, grilled chicken kabob, garden fresh salad, and so many more ideas. Get creative and twist your dinner plans with a stuffed Kürtős Cake.

Savory Stuffed Kurtos Cake

Happy Hour with a Twist

Twist your happy hour with friends! Beer, white or red wine, gin & tonic or just a LaCroix, you will find happy hour bliss with a twist of our delicious Kürtős Chimney cake.

Pair Kurtos Cake with wine or beer. Try savory Kurtos Cakes for Happy Hour

Twist Your Tastebuds™

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