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How do YOU get twisted?

About Kürtős Inc.

Growing up in Hungary my favorite days of the year were when we had a fair in town. I couldn't wait to get in the long line in front of a Kürtős cake kiosk and breathe in the air filled with the sweet aroma of the freshly baked Kürtős cakes. 

Living in the United States I started to miss the smell and the taste of the Kürtős cakes, which reminded me of my childhood... So I decided to bake them myself and introduce this special, mouth watering artisan pastry to people on this side of the ocean.

Our company, Kürtős Inc. is a family business that prides itself in specializing baking this uniquely shaped hand-made pastry that originates from Hungary (with a 300-year-old recipe) and is one of the most popular treats throughout Europe. We are proud and delighted to introduce our special, handcrafted, all natural pastry in the United States where people love and appreciate tasty and healthy artisan food. Read the history of the kürtőskalács.

When you are ready to dive in and taste our Kürtős chimney cake, just pinch the top of the roll, unravel it, break it, bite it, twist it, and do it again!

Let us twist your tastebuds!  



Kürtős Cake Baking Demo on Suncoast View

Twist Your Tastebuds™

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